Alex Graham




Australian Dolphins


Alex Graham is a standout swimmer with an impressive track record of success. At the Olympic Games 2020, he earned two bronze medals, showcasing his talent on the world stage. His achievements also include winning gold at the Commonwealth Games 2018 and securing multiple medals at World Championships and Pan Pacific Championships.

In his debut at the World Championships 2019, Alex was part of the 4x200m freestyle relay team that won gold and set a new Commonwealth record. He also claimed silver and bronze medals in other events. With aspirations to compete at the Tokyo Olympics, Alex Graham’s dedication and skill continue to shine, inspiring fellow athletes and fans alike.

Graham is a passionate speaker, presenting on how to create team culture, the challenge of the Olympic Games and sport-life balance.

  • 2020 Olympic Games - 2x Bronze Medalist

  • 2018 Commonwealth Games: Gold Medalist

  • 2013, 16, 17, 18, 19 World Championships: 4x Medalist (Gold, Silver, 2x Bronze)

  • 2018 Pan Pacific Games: 2x Silver Medalist

  • 2023 World Championships: Silver Medalist - 200m Freestyle Individual

  • 2023 World Championships: Bronze Medalist 4x200m Freestyle Relay

  • Olympic Games

  • Building Culture & Strong Teams

  • Leadership & Mentorship

  • Motivation

  • Culture Creation

  • Peak Performance

  • Men's Health

  • Mental Health

  • Self Development