Dee Heslop






Dee Heslop, a rising star in the AFLW scene and a certified Pilates instructor. Born in Auckland, New Zealand, Dee’s AFL journey began on the Gold Coast, where she excelled in motorbike racing before transitioning to Australian rules football.

Drafted by the Gold Coast Suns in 2019, Dee made her AFLW debut in Round 1 of the 2020 season, showcasing her talent as a midfielder and defender. With 44 AFLW games to her name and a recent move to the Brisbane Lions, Dee is making waves both on and off the field.

Alongside her semi-professional sports career, Dee is also a dedicated Pilates instructor, blending her passion for fitness with her love for the game. Her story serves as an inspiration to aspiring athletes, highlighting the importance of perseverance and versatility in pursuing one’s dreams.

  • 44 AFLW Games

  • 2022 - AFLW Grand Finalist for the Brisbane Lions

  • 2022 - Redrafted to the Brisbane Lions at Pick #57

  • 2020 - AFLW Debut v GWS

  • 2019 - Drafted to the Gold Coast Suns at Pick #69

  • Life outside Sport

  • Personal Brand Development

  • Fitness & Training

  • Female Sport

  • Inclusion & Diversity

  • Multiculturalism