Jasmine Simmons






Jasmine Simmons, a versatile athlete with roots in both basketball and football, has established herself as a force to be reckoned with in the sporting world. Originating from Broken Hill, Australia, Jasmine honed her skills as a standout guard for the Oregon State University basketball team before transitioning to AFLW. Her leadership qualities were evident from her time as captain of the Australian Sapphires, culminating in a gold medal victory at the World University Games in 2019.

Making her mark in the AFLW, Jasmine debuted with the Adelaide Crows in 2022, showcasing her agility and adaptability on the field. Despite her success with the Crows, Jasmine embarked on a new journey, joining Port Adelaide for the 2024 AFLW season. Motivated by the opportunity to shape the club’s culture and foundation, Jasmine’s versatility and athleticism make her a valuable addition to the Power’s lineup.

Jasmine’s move to Port Adelaide reunites her with former teammate and mentor, Erin Phillips, adding depth and experience to the Power’s roster. With her unwavering commitment to excellence and a determination to leave a lasting impact, Jasmine Simmons continues to inspire athletes across multiple disciplines as she charts a course for success in AFLW.

  • 2019 - Gold Medalist, World University Games

  • Captain of Australian Sapphires Juniors

  • Oregon State University Basketball - Guard

  • 2022 - AFLW Rookie selection to Adelaide Crows

  • 2022 - AFLW Debut Rd 1 v Brisbane

  • 2023 - Trade to Port Adelaide

  • Leadership & Culture

  • Motivation & Engagement

  • Dual Sport Athlete

  • Pilaties

  • Inclusion & Diversity

  • Multicultraisum

  • Mental Health

  • Self Development

  • Peak Performance