Sophie Peters






Sophie Peters, a product of the Brisbane Lions Academy and the Coates Talent League Girls, stands out as a readymade midfielder known for her versatility and exceptional athletic traits. While she may not always dominate possession, Sophie’s mix of offensive and defensive skills makes her a valuable asset on the field. Her decision-making abilities, defensive pressure, endurance, and evasion skills contribute to her effectiveness in midfield.

As part of the AFLW Academy, Sophie honed her skills and gained recognition as one of the top prospects. Representing Queensland Girls in the AFLW U18 Championships, she consistently performed well, showcasing her clean hands, strong skills by hand and foot, and ability to spread from contests. These qualities caught the eye of the Brisbane Lions recruiting staff, leading to her selection with Pick No. 21 in the 2023 AFLW Draft.

  • 2022 - U17 National Futures Game

  • 2023 - AFLW National Academy

  • 2023 - Pick #21 AFLW Draft - Brisbane Lions

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