Females in Footy Breakfast : Celebrating Women in Rugby

Date: June 7th, 2024

Location: The Island

Last Friday, The Island in Surfers Paradise saw the sun come up at Eximm Sport‘s Females in Footy Networking Breakfast, a celebration of the incredible women in rugby. The event brought together athletes, industry professionals, and passionate supporters to discuss the future of women’s rugby and the powerful impact of women in the sport that contribute to growing the game across two panels.

The room filled in with 100 Rugby enthusiasts to kick off all things females in rugby; the start of NRLW season, State of Origin and Aussies 7’s. Coming off a Maroon win in State of Origin and the SVNS Champions saw a lot of celebration in the room.

Business Panel

The morning began with an business Q&A panel featuring the ultimate passion behind the game and a lense of NFL in Australia:

These trailblazers shared their insights into the world of rugby business, discussing the challenges and opportunities of growing the game from grassroots levels. They highlighted the crucial role of social media in expanding the sport’s reach and fostering a stronger connection with fans. The panel underscored the importance of visibility and exposure in cultivating a thriving rugby culture.

Footy Panel

The second half of the morning featured a footy Q&A panel with:

This panel delved into the evolution of NRLW and Rugby Union, expressing optimism about the league’s future and its potential to be a finals contender. Brittany Breayley-Nati provided insight into her journey, balancing the demands of work, motherhood, and professional rugby. Her story highlighted the dedication and resilience of female athletes in the NRLW and women in sport generally.

Strong supporters of the Rugby and sport industry, BSC Supplements kindly gifted protein bars and protein waters to our amazing attendees fuelling for the rest of their Friday.

A thank you goes to our main sponsor, Sports Gold Coast , and all our supporters for their invaluable contributions to making this event a success.

A Bright Future for Women’s Rugby

The Females in Footy Networking Breakfast was not only a celebration of past and present achievements but also a beacon of hope for the future. With the insights shared by our esteemed panelists and the enthusiastic participation of our attendees, the event underscored the vibrant and growing landscape of women’s rugby.

As we build on the momentum from the recent QLD Origin win, Eximm Sport remains committed to championing female athletes and fostering a supportive and inclusive environment in the world of rugby. Stay tuned for more events and initiatives aimed at promoting and celebrating the remarkable women in sport.