Gold Coast Council



Eximm is proud to have undertaken and successfully completed a refurbishment project at the Nerang Velodrome. The scope of work included significant improvements to the garden beds, installation of essential infrastructure, and site enhancements to support the functionality and aesthetics of the velodrome.

Garden Bed Works

  • Removal and Refurbishment:
    • Removed an existing garden bed.
    • Refurbished two garden beds with concrete sleepers, new soil, mulch, plants, and turf.
  • Downpipe Installation:
    • Installed a new downpipe directing water to a gravel pit for improved drainage.

Site 2 Enhancements

  • Garden Bed Removal:
    • Removed the existing garden bed, including sleepers and posts.
  • Site Preparation:
    • Leveled the site, wet cut asphalt, and excavated for slab and footings.
  • Concrete Work:
    • Prepared formwork, reinforced, and placed broom-finished concrete
  • Retaining Wall and Kerb:
    • Constructed a 200 series retaining wall and kerb.
  • Handrail and Bike Racks:
    • Installed a handrail atop the kerb and seven bike racks.
  • Drainage System:
    • Reinstated sub-soil drainage along the new retaining wall to the gravel pit.