Garry Goodman

Managing Director

Meet Garry Goodman, a prominent figure in the Gold Coast business scene and a driving force behind Eximm Group. With over 30 years of entrepreneurial experience, Garry has led Eximm Group to become a thriving service company offering a diverse range of essential departments.

Recently, Garry expanded his ventures with the launch of Eximm Sport, a sports management company focused on various aspects of the sports industry. Garry’s dedication extends beyond business, as he actively contributes to grassroots sports development, notably serving as Head of Women’s Football at the Broadbeach Cats. Recognised for his contributions, Garry sits on the boards of Disability Sport Australia and the Gold Coast Sporting Hall of Fame, championing inclusivity and excellence in sports.

Garry’s wealth of experience in both business and sport equips him to provide invaluable mentorship and guidance to the Eximm Sport team, athletes, and clubs, ensuring success across all fronts.